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Doctor Hansen Is Great!

Dr. Hansen is seriously the best doc ever. Not only is he fabulous at his job, he is a great person as well. You can tell he genuinely cares about each and every person that steps foot in his office. I took my three month old son to my appointment with me and even he loved Dr. Hansen. Babies are the best at telling you about somebody! I recommend Dr. Hansen to anyone!

Stephanie Evans

ProSpinal Changed My Life

After seeing a different chiropractor, I had an issue in my spine that was causing a tremor in my upper chest/back and head. I initially couldn't sleep for days, and ended up trying to get rid of it for over a year (using muscle relaxers, massage, physical therapy, etc.). After seeing Dr. Hansen twice, I was completely cured of the shaking. Quite literally changed my life, and I can't recommend him enough.

Aaron Henry

I Recommend Dr. Hansen Highly

I traveled 3 hours from Mammoth Lakes, CA to Reno, in order to take part in an accelerated spinal decompression & laser treatment for my neck & back.
This was something I had to pay for out of pocket, but I was willing to try anything for relief from chronic pain.
From the 1st phone call to my final appt, the entire staff was professional at every step.
Dr. Hansen took the time in our initial consult to go over all the imaging & reports I brought in and explained his diagnosis and treatment program. I stayed within walking distance, at the Staybridge Suites, along with my husband and our dog, for 12 nights, in order to receive my twice daily treatments of laser, spinal decompression, electric stim, chiropractic adjustments & ice.

While it was intense and exhausting, I have been home now for 10 days & I am healing. My posture has improved, my neck seems to be more flexible and the pain, which previously could be a 9 at times, has subsided and there have been days with little to no pain.

I would recommend Dr. Hansen highly and while I'm hopeful that I won't need to come back too often, I definitely plan to make the long drive every few months in order to maintain my back's health.

Donna Vanderburg

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