Effective Alternatives to Back Surgery

When your back pain is chronic or requires treatment beyond an at-home remedy, your doctor may recommend surgery. Surgery, however, is invasive and requires lengthy recovery periods. For many, the recovery period alone is unrealistic, and what if it doesn’t solve the problem or eliminate the pain? ProSpinal offers a highly effective alternative to back surgery that is non-invasive and requires no downtime. Our spinal decompression and deep tissue laser therapy program has helped numerous patients avoid surgery and prevent their back problems from recurring.

Why Might Your Doctor Recommend Surgery?

For conditions like herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica/radiating nerve pain, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease, your doctor may recommend surgery. Pain becomes quite apparent when spinal discs protrude or start wearing down, and surgery was used as a top solution. Surgeons would go in to cut and repair the damaged discs, but the invasive nature, lengthy recovery period, and unimpressive success rate have turned the tables toward alternatives. Back surgery alternatives work to strengthen and heal the damaged discs instead of cutting parts of them out. 

Two Safe and Proven Alternatives to Back Surgery

  • Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy relieves the pressure that builds upon discs and nerves by drawing areas of herniated or bulging discs back into place. As the ligaments that hold disc material in place become stretched or torn, decompression therapy strengthens the ligament bands that hold the disc material in place to heal and prevent future recurrence.
  • Deep tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive use of laser energy to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery in damaged or dysfunctional tissue. It’s an FDA-approved and safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery for a wide range of back and neck conditions.

When spinal decompression and deep tissue laser therapy are used together, the benefits are tremendous for back conditions. Through years of research and use from spine doctors across the globe, these comprehensive alternatives are shown to have a permanent effect and do not require needles, drugs, or surgery.

If you or a loved one are suffering from chronic back pain, visit ProSpinal at our office in Reno, NV. It is our mission to offer the most up-to-date, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy and deep tissue laser therapy programs to those who want to get back to a normal, pain-free, and active lifestyle. We pride ourselves on being a solution to chronic back pain without creating a dependence on drugs, injections, or surgery. Book an appointment today!


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